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CRE Credit Services

Highest deletion/correction rate in the country
Owned by nation's leading credit expert
Best money back guarantee

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Disclaimer is a website that reviews credit repair companies.  attempts to collect information about each company.  We have extensive knowledge of the credit repair industry and the regulations regarding it, however we are not attorneys. This website is all based on opinions and the information that we find about these companies. The information about these companies are opinions and information we collect from their website or online. It is possible some of the information on a company could be incorrect. We attempt to keep these credit repair services reviews updated, but information is constantly changing about the companies listed. If you see information that needs to be updated let us know so we can update our reviews as quickly as possible. If a company appears to not be operating in compliance with the law it does not mean they are not operating legally. If you are a company that is reviewed on this website and would like to give us more information or updated information we will certainly update these reviews. This site is intended to help consumers make an informed decision on choosing a credit repair company, but a consumer should always do their own research and determine whether a company is the right fit to help them out in their unique situation. Additionally, all credit repair companies' reviews are subject to moderation and will be approved at our discretion. 

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