How To Spend Your Tax Refund

Feb 03, 2017

It is now February and this means you have probably received all of your W2 forms and chances are that you are do some money back.  Maybe it something small or maybe you are one of few getting thousands back.  Either way you have a decision coming:  How Should You Spend Your Tax Refund?


The first thing we recommend you do is to build a savings, especially if you do not have one.  The standard rule of thumb is to keep three months worth of bills in the bank at all times.  This is to help incase you lose your job or have a medical or personal issue that keeps you from working.  Once you have three or more months of bill in savings then you can be a little more free with extra income.

Pay Off Debt

If you have any outstanding credit bills or other payments you may want to pay off as much debt as you can.  We recommend starting with credit cards first because unlike a car note each amount you pay off in balance on a card with lower your payments going forward.  This means not only are you lowering your debt but you are also lowering your bills for next month.  Also, paying down your unsecured debt has the added bonus of improving your credit score.


It is never to early to build for you future and retirement.  You can start putting your money away in something like an IRA for when you retire or look into stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.  We recommend speaking to an investment professional before making any investments.

Have Fun

Lastly, if you have everything in your life where you want it then it may be time for you to “Treat Yo Self”, as they say on Parks And Rec.   This could be buying something you have always wanted or to say go on that much needed vacation.  We all need a little break sometimes.


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