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At we have complied the most comprehensive list of credit repair companies around the country and reviewed them based on criteria that we feel consumers should be looking at.  Finding the best credit repair services can be very difficult, but it is extremely important that you do so when dealing with something as important as your credit. Credit repair should not be a service that you pay for out of convenience; it is a service you should put in the hands of experts who know what they are doing and can really help you.  Credit and credit repair are much more complex than many will have you believe and many financial companies don't even really know how credit scores or credit reporting works. Below is a list of credit repair services and companies with reviews based on our opinions as well as consumer opinions and experts opinions in the industry. We encourage you to always do your research when looking for a credit repair company and hopefully this site will help you to make an informed decision. In our opinion one company clearly is head and shoulders above the rest and we have listed CRE Credit Services as our top ranked company. Most credit repair review sites are paid by the companies they review when someone signs up with them.  Our site is not an affiliate program and we do not get paid from any for leads or enrollments. Our site is funded by visitors going to our resources tab above and selecting our offers for credit cards, credit reports, and other financial benefits to help you start to build your financial and credit foundation. 

Highest deletion/correction rate in the country
Owned by nation's leading credit expert
Best money back guarantee

All  Credit  Repair  Companies  Reviewed

180 Credit Solutions
1st Choice Financial Solutions
1st Rate Financial
360 Credit Consulting
700 Plus Credit
720 Credit Solutions
747 Credit
99 CRS
A+ Credit Repair
AAA Credit Repair
Academy Credit
Action Credit Repair
Aggressive Credit Repair
Alexander Credit
All Value Network
Allied Credit Solutions
Alter Financial
Alto Credit Advisors
Ambassador Law
American Choice Credit Solutions
American Credit Repair
AmeriSell INC
Ameristar Credit Services
Andorra Credit Repair
Angle Financial Services
Another Beginning LLC (Start Fresh Credit Solutions)
Apex Credit Solutions
Appling Financial Solutions
Aquarian Business Group, LLC
ASAP Credit Repair
Ascension Credit Services
Ascent Credit Restoration Inc
Atlantic Repair LLC
Attractive Credit
Auburn Financial Services
Authorized Credit Repair
BCR Consulting
Beacon Credit Repair
Beaufort Credit Services, Inc
Best CreditRX, LLC
Best Legal Credit Repair
Better Qualified
BetterWay To Credit
Blackout Credit Repair
Blue Water Credit
Build My Credit
Build My Scores
Building A Brighter Tomorrow, LLC
Cad Financial Consulting
Call Credit RX
Capital Assistance Group
Caravan Credit Services
Carmela's Credit Repair
CCAG Better Credit Now
Check On My Credit
CITI Credit Repair
Citizens Tax And Financial Services
Clean Slate Credit Solutions
Clear Debt Relief
CMA Financial Corporation
Coast to Coast Credit Services
Coastal Credit Clinic
Cobalt Credit Services
Commerce credit Solutions
Commonwealth Credit Consulting and Restoration
Commonwealth Credit Repair
Comradd Company
Consumer Credit Alliance
Consumer Credit Capital
Consumer Credit Consulting
Consumer Credit Restoration Bureau
Continental Credit
Cool Credit Repair, LLC
Costa Credit
CPN And Financial Freedom
CPR Credit Repair
CPR Credit Services
CRE Credit Services
Credinc Executives
Credit 360 Consulting
Credit Architects
Credit Assistance Network, Inc
Credit Attorney, P.C.
Credit Blueprint
Credit Care Corp
Credit Clean Group
Credit Cleaners Inc
Credit Coach
Credit Confidant
Credit CPR
Credit Development Solutions/West Texas Credit Advisors
Credit Doctor Company
Credit Dr.
Credit Dusters
Credit Firm, INC-Credit Firm USA
Credit fitness, inc.
Credit Guys
Credit Help Team
Credit Heroes
Credit Innovations
Credit Justice Services
Credit Ladder
Credit Man Credit Services
Credit Management Specialists
Credit Mindset
Credit MRI
Credit One Restoration
Credit Planner
Credit Pro Repair
Credit Pros International
Credit Recovery Group
Credit Repair 1st
Credit Repair Austin
Credit Repair Consultants
Credit Repair Doctor Gulfstream Consulting Group
Credit Repair El Paso
Credit Repair Financial
Credit Repair Fort Worth
Credit Repair Gurus
Credit Repair Houston
Credit Repair Kit
Credit Repair Law Firm
Credit Repair Resources
Credit Repair San Antonio
Credit Repair Solutions
Credit Repair Systems, INC
Credit Resolution Advisors
Credit Restore USA
Credit Runners Credit Repair Services
Credit Saint
Credit Scoring Advisor
Credit Security Group
Credit Solution Group
Credit Solutions
Credit Solutions Experts
Credit Strategies
Credit Strategy
Credit Team USA
Credit Technologies
Credit Unlimited
Credit World Finance
Creditease Credit Service
Crossover Credit Solutions
CSO Program
Dallas Credit Repair
DC Business Solutions Inc
Dickerson Law Firm
DLJMM Financial Services
Dorrance Development Group
Double G Credit Repair
DSI Solutions
DuBose and DuBose
Eagle Alliance Consulting
Easy Solutions Financial Credit Services
eCredit Advisor
Edit Your Credit, LLC
Electronic Credit Restoration
Embark Group, LLC
Emerald K Inc.
Enrich Financial
Equity Marketing Group
Evans Credit Repair
Executive Credit Services
Extreme Credit Solutions
Extreme Tax Solutions
EZ Credit Repair
Fast Start Financial
FB Credit Law
Financial Counseling Group, Inc.
Financial Education Services DBA United Credit Education Services
Financial Renovation Solutions Inc.
Finiv Credit
First Stone
Fix My Score
Fix Your Credit Consulting
Foundation Credit Services
Fowler and Fowler
Freedom In Life Investments, LLC
Freedom Restoration Credit Services
Future Tech Financial, Inc.
Garranteed Solutions
Gateway Credit
Gateway Financials
Gemstone JET Enterprises
Get Credit Healthy
Get Excellent Credit
Global Credit Foundation
Global Credit Repair
Go Clean Credit
Good Life Credit
Goodlyfe Company
Granite City Credit Consultants
Great American Credit Repair Company
Green Credit, LLC
Guiding Hands Credit Services
Halo Credit Solutions
Happy Credit
HC Services, LLC
Heartland Credit Restoration
Heritage Credit Group
Home Loan Assist
Hope USA Inc
HTDI Financial
I Home Easy Credit
Illinois Credit Services
iMax Credit Repair
Impeccable Credit Services
Improve My Credit USA
Indy Credit Solutions
Infinite Credit Solutions
Infinity Consultant Group
Infinity Credit Financial Consultants, LLC
Intensive Credit
International Credit Consultants
International Credit Repair
Inversion Credit Repair
Iron City Credit Repair
JAIN Credit
JC's Credit Repair
JoMar Credit Repair
JSL Consulting Group, LLC
Just Credit Solutions
Kansas City Credit Services
KEL Credit Repair
Key Credit Repair
King Credit
Krafty Credit Solutions
Landmark Credit Services
Latitude Services
Leaf Credit Solutions
Legacy Credit Counselors
Legacy Credit Services and Consulting, Inc
Legacy Legal
Legendary Consulting
Lenders Choice Credit Solutions
Lexington Law
Liberty Credit Partners
Lighthouse Credit Solutions
Loan Ready Program
Logic Credit Repair
Lorenzo Hardy Financial Services
Lowes Financial
LSI Credit Solutions
Max Score Credit
MBC Professional Services
MFA Credit Solutions
Milestone Resource, Inc
Monarch Credit Consultants
Money Solutions
Mr Clean Your Credit
MSI Credit Solutions
My Credit Group
My Credit Report Sucks
My Credit Specialist
My Easy Credit Cleanup
My FICO Boost
National Credit Alliance
National Credit Care
National Credit Consultants
National Credit Educational Services
National Credit Fixers
National Credit Organization, LLC
National Credit Partners of America
National Credit Solutions-NCS 700
Nationwide Credit Clearing
Nationwide Financial Advocates
NCA Credit Repair
New Age Credit Corporation
New Beginnings Credit Solutions
New Beginnings Solutions, LLC
New Freedom Services
New Milestone Credit Agency
New You Financial Services
North Shore Advisory
Onyx Legal Credit Repair
Ovation Credit Services
Park View Legal
Pay After Deletion Credit Repair
PDQ Credit Restoration and Repair, LLC
Perfect Credit Again, Inc.
Phoenix Group Credit Services
Platinum Agency
Platinum Credit Clinic
Platinum Credit Now
Platinum Personal Business Solutions
Precise & Direct Credit Repair
Precision Credit Restoration
Premier Credit Consulting
Premier Group
Premier Solutions Today DBA Premier Credit Pros
Prime Credit Consultant
Prime Credit Experts
Prime National Credit Repair
Pro Credit Repair
Professional Credit Repair
Professional Credit Solutions
Promerit Solutions
ProServ Credit Solutions
Quest Credit Group
Quick and EZ Credit Repair
R&R Financial Group
Rapid Recovery Financial
Rapid Restore Credit Repair
Real Estate CSO
Redemption Credit Education
Remedy Financial
Renaissance Law Group
Renewed Credit
Repair My Report
Revital Credit Services
Rising Point Solutions
RMCN Credit Services
Royalty Multi Services
Safe Credit Solutions, Inc
San Antonio Credit Repair
Savoy Credit
Schillace Enterprises
Score Cure
Score New Credit Restoration
Second Chance Financial
Serenity Score Solutions
Show Me Credit Repair
Signature Credit Services
Simple Credit Online
Sky Blue Credit Repair
Sleb Credit Solutions
South East Financial
Southern Credit Repair
Southwest Credit Repair
Spartan Credit Advisors
SS Credit Repair
Start Fresh Credit Solutions
StoneGate Advisors, LLC
Strategic Finance Team
Sunset Credit Services
Superior Credit Repair
Symbaltic Credit Repair
Take it off my credit
TCC Credit Consulting, LLC
Team USA Credit Repair
Teamer Financial Service Agency
Texas Custom Credit Repair, LLC
The Credit Agents
The Credit Builders
The Credit Care Company
The Credit Clinic
The Credit Defenders
The Credit Doctors
The Credit Evangelist
The Credit Group
The Credit Guru
The Credit People
The Credit Repair Group
The Credit Repairment
The Credit Score Lawyers
The Kelly Group Credit Consulting, Inc.
The National Heavensent Company
Trade Liner
Trey Hall and Associates
TriMerge Ventures
Trinity Credit Services
Trustworthy Credit Repair
TRW Credit Services
TSI Credit Division
Ultimate Credit Smart
Unique Consulting Group
United Credit Consultants
United Credit Education Services
Universal Indemnity Corp.
Up My Score
Upgrade My Credit
Urban Credit Restoration
US Consumer Credit Restoration Association
US Credit Repair Center
USA Credit Restoration
Utah Credit Alliance
Vance the Credit Doctor
Veracity Credit Consultants
Veritas Credit LLC
Vitesse Financial
Vivix Credit Solutions
VND Credit Solutions
Wall Street Credit
Walton Credit Repair
West Legal Credit Repair
White Jacobs and Associates
World Wide Credit Expers
Worlds Best Credit
Xpress Income Tax
Your Credit Attorney
Your Credit RX
Zinu Credit Repair

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