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1st Rate Financial

Boca Raton, FL 88009

1st Rate Financial is a credit repair company located in Boca Raton, Florida.

  • Results:  Results for their credit repair program are uncertain.  They do have plenty of positive testimonials on the site but no copies of deletion results are shown on their site.  With any testimonial it is impossible to verify the authenticity.
  • Experience:  The experience of 1st rate financial is hard to determine.  The registered start date of business is 2005 and according to Linkedin their president has been in the credit repair industry for longer than that with other companies.  The president is also a member of various credit consulting institutions
  • Types of Programs Offered:   The company’s website doesn’t mention the specifics of its programs as far as what occurs during its audits process but mentions that the plans include identity theft protection, credit education, credit monitoring along with the credit repair
  • Pricing and Value:  The programs that are offered at 1st Rate Financial are reasonably priced with discounts for group sign up and the 1 year time of commitment to the program is standard.
  • Guarantee:  1st Rate Financial’s guarantee states that it will refund 100% of your money if they do not remove or correct more than 24% of the negative line items that appear on each of the major credit bureaus within six months from the time you sign up.
  • Reputation/Reviews:  It is hard to just the size and scope of 1st Rate Financial as there is very little in the way of positive or negative reviews of them on independent internet websites.
  • Time of Program:  1st Rate Financial has a standard program length of 12 months
  • Website Security:  1st Rate Financial does not include the ability to sign up through their website electronically so web site security is not an issue.  The website does allow you to print off a pdf of the enrollment forms and send them into the company
  • Compliance:  1st Rate Financial appears to be compliant with state and federal laws.  The only issue there is another credit repair company, New You Credit Repair, located at their same address.  The contact info for the company is also not a physical address but rather a Post Office Box so seeing a representative in person may not be possible.  We have also found that when a company does not have a physical office they may be extremely small.  Sometimes only having 1 or 2 employees.  What happens to your money and credit if they take another job, run out of cash, or simply go on vacation?  Who will be there to handle your case?

If you are looking at enrolling with 1st Rate Financial it is important that you do all your research.  They do have a very informational website the does not over promise their service but there may be some compliance issues.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding their services you can always bring them up with them directly.

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