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360 Credit Consulting

106 East 6th Street Suite 900
Austin, TX 78701
1 877-487-4898

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360 Credit Consulting is a credit repair company located in Austin, Texas.  While they appear to be a reputable company there are some concerns. 

  • Results 360 Credit Consulting has plenty of testimonials but no copies of deletion posted on their website.  With any testimonial it is impossible for us to judge the authenticity.
  • Experience 360 Credit Consulting was started in 2010 but we can find no information on the previous credit industry experience of the owners or directors.  Experience in the credit industry is very important as the laws regulating credit are very complex and ever changing.
  • Types of Programs Offered  360 Credit Consulting offers a standard dispute program.  They do not appear to offer any means for acquiring any new positive credit lines which is very important for maximizing your credit score.
  • Pricing and Value:  360 Credit Consulting charges an initial cost of $89 followed by monthly payments of $59.  With no independent reviews of the company to be found online we are unable to judge the value of their service.
  • Guarantee The 360 Credit Consulting website does not mention any service guarantee.  We have found that when a company has confidence in their program they will usually have a very customer friendly guarantee that will be promoted on their website.  Credit 360 Consulting may have a guarantee but it is not something that they advertise.
  • Reputation/Reviews  We can find no independent reviews of 360 Credit Consulting online.  This may be do to the size of the company.  They may not be handling enough clients to have built a reputation online.
  • Time of Program:  The 360 Credit Consulting website does not specify how long their program is.  In Texas all credit repair companies can only charge service fees for 6 months..
  • Website Security:  360 Credit Consulting does include the ability to sign up online so website security and the website appears to be secure.
  • Compliance:  Having not been able to read to the 360 Credit Consulting website we are unable to determine if they are following all state and local laws.

If you are looking at enrolling with 360 Credit Consulting it is important that you do all your research as their website gives very little information about their company and program.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding their services you can always bring them up with them directly.  We do recommend looking at our top companies before moving forward with any company.

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Reviewed by EARLINE ACOFF on
I have not experienced any help whatsoever, after paying the initial $89.00 and then another $ changes have been made to my credit report. These people say that by dealing with them you will see an increase in your credit score by 30 points per month. They do not communicate with you to inform you of any progress by main or email.They take your money, and refuse to tell you when you call what has change. They make you get a credit report so they can tell you what they have done. They don't communicate at all with you, and you never know what you are paying for. How can you help with my credit if you don't have access to it? Highway robbery. They say you they don't have a way of calling you, they don't even send you anything by mail. You are simply giving these people your money for nothing.

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