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Aggressive Credit Repair

5407 W Venetia St
Herriman, UT 84096

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Aggressive Credit Repair is a small sized credit repair company located in Herriman, Utah.  The main concern is that the owner is the only employee.  When a company is this small there is always a risk of closure.  What happens to your money and credit the run out of cash, take another job, or simply go on vacation?  Who will be there to handle your case.  These are questions that need to asked before enrolling.

  • Results:  Results are hard to determine Aggressive Credit has posted many testimonials but has not copies of actual deletions.  With any testimonial it is impossible to verify the authenticity.
  • Experience:  Aggressive Credit Repair has been in business since 2004.  The owner is the sole point of contact and is also a licensed mortgage officer
  • Types of Programs Offered  The Aggressive Credit Repair website states that they have two programs but does not include any specific information on either
  • Pricing and Value:  The Aggressive Credit Repair website does not include what any cost may be for either program.  You have to call them for any details.
  • Guarantee:  Aggressive Credit Repair does have a money back guarantee but the details are not fully explained on website.  We have found that when a company has a very customer friendly guarantee it will be something that they advertise.
  • Reputation/Reviews: The reviews that we have found online for Aggressive Credit Repair have been mostly positive.
  • Time of Program:  The time of the program is not specified on the website which makes it difficult to set goals and expectations for your credit repair.
  • Website Security:  Aggressive Credit Repair does not have the ability to sign up online so website security is not an issue
  • Compliance:  Aggressive Credit Repair does not appear to have any compliance issues.

If you are looking at enrolling with Aggressive Credit Repair it is important that you do all your research.  Their website does not contain much information. We recommend looking into our top ranked companies before moving forward with any company.


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Reviewed by Maria Boston on
This company can be a good but it appears the owner has a bad altitude claims he have a waiting list then he name is Todd I believe at Aggressive credit repair. He does bring the results but will get angry if your late even though he states to let know up front I couldn't believe he horrible altitude this guy have an the money is reasonable just to get my credit repair down. This guy even mention to file bankruptcy which likewise no I wouldn't do and he charges 59.00 but the guy is a firecracker at getting the results. We tried go back me and my husband but he refuse us told us we were bad people and doesn't like us to go find another company. Awful person to work with but I hope tho guy buy himself a new altitude. Gosh you already have bad credit who needs a daily criticism. It hard find a company who deliver and good customers services.

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