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Ameristar Credit Services

3131 McKinney Ave. Suite 600
Dallas, TX 75204

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Ameristar Credit Services is a small sized credit repair company located in Dallas, Texas.

  • Results:  Results for their credit repair program are uncertain.  Their website lists no testimonials and it appears their program only does disputes.  Have they been unable to generate any positive testimonials?
  • Experience:  The experience of Ameristar Credit Services is hard to determine.  The registered start date of business is 2009 and not much information can be found on the company.  We have found that when a company has strong experience in the credit industry they will promote that on their website.
  • Types of Programs Offered:   Ameristar Credit Services offers a standard dispute only program.  They do not offer any means for building new positive credit.  When you are truly trying to improve your credit score it will take more than just disputing and removing the negative and inaccurate information from your credit reports.  You will need to establish new credit.
  • Pricing and Value:  The client pays an initial audit fee of $299.99 followed by payments of $99.99 a month until service is complete
  • Guarantee:  Ameristar Credit Services only guarantees that it will work on your program with professionalism and integrity.  There are no guarantees in regards to service.
  • Reputation/Reviews:  It is hard to just the size and scope of Ameristar Credit Services as there is very little in the way of positive or negative reviews of them on independent internet websites.  This speaks to the size and scope of the company.  They may not be handling enough clients to have built a reputation.
  • Time of Program:  The time a client must be committed to the Ameristar Credit Services program is uncertain as it is not discussed in any detail on their website.   This makes it difficult to set you credit repair goals and expectations.
  • Website Security:  Ameristar Credit Services not include the ability to sign up online  and website security should not be an issue
  • Compliance:  The Company’s bond and registration with the Secretary of the State of Texas has expired.  Also the company was recently sold to a company called Inspetta that mainly owns software websites completely unrelated to credit services

If you are looking at enrolling with Ameristar Credit Services it is important that you do all your research as there may be some compliance issues.  If you have any questions, concerns, or need more information regarding their program you can contact them directly.  We recommend looking at our top ranked companied before moving forward with any company.

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