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Angle Financial Services

31 Saulsbury Road, Suite #2
Dover, DE 19904
(866) 745-7488

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Angle Credit Repair is a small sized credit repair company located in Dover, Delaware.

  • Results:  Results are hard to determine, Angle Credit Repair has not posted any testimonials nor has it posted copies of actual deletions.  This may be because the company is very young and may not have handled enough clients successfully to have generated any positive testimonials.
  • Experience:  It is hard to determine the experience of Angle Credit Repair as we can find no date of business opening or anything on the ownership.  Generally, when a company has plenty of credit industry experience it will be something that they promote on their website.
  • Types of Programs Offered:   The website for Angle Credit Repair does go any to any detail about the types of programs it offers other than standard disputes
  • Pricing and Value:  The Angle Credit Repair website does not go into any detail on what the monthly cost for the program is so it impossible to judge the value of their program vs the price.
  • Guarantee:  The guarantee for the program is complicated.  If at the end of your 12 month term you can request an audit of the services and they will total up the number of deletions on your account.  They will then value each deletion at $75 and if the total value of deletions is less than the total of your monthly fees you will be refunded the difference.  The guarantee doesn’t state if a deletion is counted when the item is removed from one bureau or all 3
  • Reputation/Reviews:  No reviews of Angle Credit Repair can be found online on any independent websites.  This can speak to the age and size of the company.
  • Time of Program:  The program is for 12 months
  • Website Security:  Angel Credit Repair does not have the ability to sign up online so website security is not an issue.  The website does however ask you to fax in a copy of your driver’s license, social security card or w2, proof of address, all three credit reports with scores, and a copy of a voided check and they will email you electronic sign up.  It would be in your best interest to speak with them beforehand
  • Compliance:  Angle Credit Repair does not appear to have any compliance issues but the company also does debt settlement which could be a conflict of interest.

If you are looking at enrolling with Angle Credit Repair it is important that you do all your research.  Their website does not contain much information on credit, credit repair, or their program specifics.  If you have any questions or concerns in regards to their program you will need to contact them directly.  We do recommend looking into our top ranked companies to compare before moving forward with any company.

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Reviewed by Rodger on
This company is by far the worst i have ever seen. They have lied, done nothing at all except what you could do yourself, and in the end, unless you pay their hidden fees that they never mention until you are canceling, they will send you to collections and their atty. WTH, this is a company you will pay to do what you can do yourself for free, they will send dispute letters to the credit bureaus, YOU CAN DO THAT FOR FREE. You will be charged monthly *IN ADVANCE* and pay monthly in advance, then when you try to cancel BEFORE your next months due date they then make you aware of *It's in the fine print in the contract* that they bill in ARREARS, so pay them again (For Nothing) or they will turn you over to their Atty and collections. WTH? you came to them to clean up your credit?. REMEMBER?, RUN FROM THIS GUY. Trust me. Look them up through Google, Bing, Youtube, BBB, ETC.... you will see their true colors. They care ONLY about your money PERIOD.
Reviewed by duke on
In hiring this *Credit clean-up company* to improve our credit so we can qualify for a VA home loan we have discovered they only have done what we ourselves could have done for ourselves for free. We were assured a single month to month trial service costing $85.00 each (wife & i) total $170.00 and could cancel at anytime we wish with no issues. We paid in advance the $170.00 + set up fees of $25.00 =$195.00, we submitted all required information to them, we where told in 30 days the credit bureaus would send us our reports they have disputed and we will go from there. After waiting 45 days, my reports came in from the bureaus but not my wife's, i called the 3 bureaus only to find out the credit clean-up co. waited 2 1/2 weeks to send my wife's in (OF COURSE) they get paid month to month, meaning they can now charge ANOTHER month as the longer it takes the more money they can charge and make. So we paid another $170.00. I called David Robinson & John Rowley of this company to ask why the delay in sending in my wife's dispute letters? they replied they where both sent together. That was a lie because we called the 3 credit bureaus directly and was told they where mailed 2 1/2 weeks apart. I called the co. owner John Rowley to cancel, he stated we will be billed for another $170.00 as they bill in the arrears WHAT. I guess it was in the *FINE PRINT* of the contract, and if we do not pay it they will send us to their atty and to collections. We Came to them to clean up our credit, now we face worse credit because we trusted them. I called the owner John Rowley and begged him to not charge us as we were not aware or told of arrears charge? he laughed at me and stated my *atty will be in touch. We wish we never were told of this company by Todd Hassie, The Sr Mortgage Banker Evolve Bank & Trust of Tampa, Florida. This company is very unprofessional and will hurt your credit unless you pay their hidden fees, as they said they will. We pd in advance each of the 2 months, WHAT ARREARS? I would NOT recommend this company to anyone. BBB complaint filed as well.

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