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Atlantic Repair LLC

1046 Ferry Crossing Circle
Charleston, SC 29414
888-957-1118 Ext. 1

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Atlantic Repair LLC is a small sized credit repair company in South Carolina. When searching for their address onn Google it appears to be an apartment and not an office which is a huge concern.  If a company is successful usually they will grow and if they have any amount of business they would have an office. Working out of a home is not near as secure it needs to be to handle your personal information.  As well, a small company means 1 or 2 people are likely doing all the work.  What happens to your money and credit if they take another job, run out of money, go on vacation, etc. This does not mean Atlandtic Repair is not a good company it just means with something as important as your credit you as the consumer need to take all the information you can find while doing your research and analyze the risks vs the reward when choosing a company you are going to hire when dealing with your credit. 

  • Results:  Atlantic Repair has not posted any testimonials or copies of real deletion results on their website for you to browse and gauge.  

  • Experience:  The experience of Atlantic Repair is hard to determine.  We can find no registered start date for the company or any information on the experience of the company owners or directors.  Usually, when a company has plenty of credit expertise they will promote that on their on website and we do not see any of that here.
  • Types of Programs Offered  The Atlantic Repair website doesn’t get any specifics about the programs that they offer.  You will have to call directly for more information. 
  • Pricing and Value:  Atlantic Repair charges a one time payment of $99.  This is a very cheap program but with credit repair you do get what you pay for and we find it very unlikely that they are able to fully work on your reports with such a cheap payment.
  • Guarantee:  The website for Atlantic Repair has no mention of the company having a money back guarantee.  They may indeed have one but if they do it is not somethig they are wanting to advertise.  We have found that when a company is confident in their services they will offer and promote  very customer friendly money back guarantee.
  • Reputation/Reviews:  Atlantic Repar has various complaints on independent websites around the internet that can be found with a simple Google Search. This is obviously a concern with a small company to have this complaints of this magnitude.  Typically, fake complaints made by competition are done with only larger companies. 
  • Time of Program The Atlantic Repair website states that their program lasts for 6 months.
  • Website Security:  Atlantic Repair does not have the ability to sign up through their website so web security is not an issue. 
  •  Compliance:  Without seeing their agreement it is tough to tell if they are in compliance with state and federal laws. However, if they are working out of a home instead of an office there could potentially be many compliance issues in regards to security of personal information. 

If you are looking at enrolling with Atlantic Repair it is important that you do all your research.  Not having an office can definitely raise some concerns as well as the numerous complaints online. We recommend you look into our top recommended companies before moving forward with another company. 

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