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Authorized Credit Repair

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Authorized Credit Repair (The Credit People) is a small sized credit repair company located in Orlando, Florida.

  • Results:  Results are hard to determine Authorized Credit Repair (The Credit People)  The company does have testimonials but those testimonials also belong to DSI Solutions in Chicago which is also going under the name The Credit People
  • Experience:  Authorized Credit Repair (the Credit People) has been in business since 2010 and we can find no information on the experince of the owners or company directors.
  • Types of Programs Offered:   Authorized Credit Repair (The Credit People) has a program that covers disputes, validation, credit reports, online account access, and customer services line
  • Pricing and Value The cost for the program is $299 which can be broken into three payments.
  • Guarantee Authorized Credit Repair (The Credit People) does have a money back guarantee that states if at then of the program you aren’t satisfied you will be refunded every penny.  If there are any terms and conditions to this refund they are not mentioned on the site
  • Reputation/Reviews:  The reviews found online  for Authorized Credit are mostly negative due to their connection with DSI solutions
  • Time of Program:  The time of the Autherized Credit Repair program is not specified on the website which makes it difficult to set your credit repair goals and expectations.
  • Website Security:  Authorized Credit Repair (The Credit People) does have the ability to sign up online and the website boast that it is Verisign Secured
  • Compliance There appears to several issues related to compliance.  The Company has changed its name in the first year from Authorized Credit Repair to The Credit People.  The company has two registered addresses in Florida; one is a virtual office and the other is residential.  This can be cause for concern as there is no way to see the company in person.  The owner of the company also owns DSI solutions in Chicago that has changed their name to The Credit People using the same basic website with just different phone numbers.

If you are looking at enrolling with Authorized Credit Repair it is important that you do all your research.  There appears to be several compliance issues to be wary of.  Please take a look at our top ranked companies before moving forward with any company.

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