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CRE Credit Services

850 E. Central Parkway Suite 200
Plano, TX 75074

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CRE Credit Services is the clear leader of the credit repair industry. Through all of our research into their expertise, talking to credit experts, and many mortgage professionals around the country CRE has set itself alone at the top.  With the combined years of experience in the company CRE was able to develop a proprietary audit process for credit repair that has allowed CRE Credit Services to get by far and away the best results in the country. When doing research on all of the best credit repair services, we spoke with over 100 mortgage and real estate companies and professionals and an overwhelming number of the people we talked to said they had tried many companies and some even had policies against referring consumers to credit repair companies, but now were referring to CRE Credit Services. When doing our research and looking at other credit repair ranking sites we couldn't find CRE Credit Services on many of the sites.  Most of those sites you will see the same companies, because they are affiliate marketing sites and CRE Credit Services is not involved with those affiliate marketing sites. Through all of our research and speaking with experts we have found that their are many good credit repair companies out there, but none that we found matched up to CRE Credit Services. 

  • Results:  Quite simply we have researched the results of every credit repair company that made it available and no one came close to the results CRE showed us.  Their proprietary process deliver the highest deletion/correction ratio we have ever seen. Many companies will tell you they do the same thing as this company or that company, but we haven't found anyone that has been able to deliver close to what CRE has.  

  • Experience:  CRE Credit Services has not been in business as long as some, but experience is not just about time in business. Results speak a lot to experience and the CEO, Simon Webster, has years of experience in the financial services industry.
  • Types of Programs Offered:   CRE offers credit repair, credit building, credit education, and has also starting offering many other financial services as well for consumers. 
  • Pricing and Value:  There is a big difference between price and value and this is where many consumers make decisions they have told us they end up regretting.  CRE is not the cheapest credit repair you will find, but they are by far the best and they will work to fit their investment into your budget.  The pricing is based on each individuals credit report.  If you are looking to finance something the amount you will save by having better credit will save you more than you invest with a credit repair company that gets you very good results.  
  • Guarantee:  In speaking with the ownership of this company we found them to be very genuine in helping people.  They have taken a much different approach than other credit repair companies and offer what we find to be the best guarantee we have found. If you give them 6 months and you are dissatisfied with your results they will refund you 100% of the money you paid them minus $75 for each deletion/correction. This company's process is very involved so that is of extreme value.  We have reviewed their contract and reviews and they back up their guarantee.  The fact is they get such good results that 99,99% of their clients will never even inquire about a refund. They go above and beyond to help you secure financing as well if that is what you are looking for. This company really is all about helping people.
  • Reputation/Reviews:  The company is located in Dallas and therefore all Dallas credit repair companies get an automatic "F" rating with the BBB. However, their complaint to client ratio is phenomenal.  There has been many videos on the suspect grading and inconsistencies of the BBB. Our calls to BBB corporate were never returned. Some of the worst companies we reviewed had good ratings with the BBB and some of the best ones had bad ratings. Their is no investigation done by the BBB it is all based on the company's location.  There are many great reveiws online about CRE Credit Services and we haven't seen many complaints at all which is remarkable for a company this size. They have a very good reputation as well that has allowed them to secure a deal with the NFL and many fortune 500 companies. Companies like this do even more extensive searches and background checks than us so if they trust this company that is definitely a good sign in our opinion. 
  • Time of Program:  Their program is 6 months.  Of course clients can see results in as little as 30 days.  After 6 months CRE will continue to help you at no extra charge. If you are looking to get qualified for financing their is no one faster.
  • Website Security: CRE has a highly secure facility in the former FBI office in Plano, Texas. The have a secure online sign up process as well. 
  • Compliance:  CRE is in compliance with CROA and their state laws.  They are bonded and registered with the Texas Secretary of State.  This company is actually highly involved with compliance of credit repair companies Nationally and has been active in maintaining compliance of all companies in their industry. 

If you are considering CRE Credit Services make sure you do research.  We have found them to be a very reputable company through our research. Take a look at all of our reviews and guest comments. 

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Reviewed by JJ on
These guys are the best. I got 23 of 25 items deleted from my credit report in just under 3 months and I am about to get qualified for a home loan!!!
Reviewed by Bill Harper on
I was with Lexington Law for 7 months and got absolutely no results. I cancelled with them in June and signed up with this company in september. I was skeptical about this company, but in 3 months here is what I have gotten. Experian has gone from a 556 to a 689, Equifax has gone from a 568 to a 702 and Transunion has gone from a 577 to a 713. This is unreal. I got a prequalification letter and contacted a Realtor today! I am getting my family into a home very soon!!! Thanks!
Reviewed by Helen Peters on
CRE got me qualified for a home loan in 4 months. I had been denied by multiple lenders. I am so grateful for your help! thanks!
Reviewed by Jim B on
This company got my qualified for my house in 3 months. I am very happy with their services!
Reviewed by Shelly P on
My husband and I closed on our home last week thanks to CRE. We had been turned down and quite honestly felt a little embarrassed and lost. We are hard working people, but came into some trouble back in 08-09 like many others. Both my husband and I enrolled with CRE because our mortgage person told us if we wanted to get qualified this was the only company we should go with. I am so happy. It took us just under 100 days from signing up to get qualified and into our home loan. We would recommend CRE to anyone is a similar situation and it said a lot to us that our mortgage company told us that these people were the best. Thanks to everyone at CRE!
Reviewed by Marty on
I am a loan officer and I have sent my clients to a couple different credit repair companies over there years and I had stopped over the past 3 years before using this company. However, I saw a presentation done by this company's COO, James Charlet and I was blown away. No one knows more about credit than James. No company knows credit repair like CRE Credit Services. I have referred our corporate office to CRE and we have branches all over the country using them now. If you need to fix your credit there is absolutely NO other company you should be considering and there is absolutely NO other company I would ever consider for any of my clients looking to buy a house.
Reviewed by Rosa sandy on
This is far more expensive but if you've ever heard you get what you pay for them this holds true to that. I was with Lexington and it was horrible I canceled came here and got 10/13 inaccuracies off my report
Reviewed by William on
I send my clients and turn downs due to credit to CRE. Charles Knight is phenomenal at what he does. My clients quickly get their credit repaired which allows us to get them a home! I highly recommend CRE. I have heard nothing but positive things come from my referrals to CRE.
Reviewed by William on
I send my clients and turn downs due to credit to CRE. Charles Knight is phenomenal at what he does. My clients quickly get their credit repaired which allows us to get them a home! I highly recommend CRE. I have heard nothing but positive things come from my referrals to CRE.
Reviewed by Kelly P on
CRE is a life saver! I tried and Lexingon Law and both of them did not get me any results. I met a mortgage loan officer at a BNI meeting who swore this company was different and could help me. I am so glad I trust them, because I almost didn't move forward. My family and I just closed on a home in Frisco, Texas last week. CRE got our credit scores up well over 100 points in 3 months. '

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