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8551 W Sunrise Blvd Ste 208
Plantation, FL 33322-4007
(954) 370-2222

Preview by is a small sized credit repair company located in Plantation, Florida.

  • Results: has plenty of testimonials but not copies of actual deletions.  With any testimonial it is difficult to verfiy its authenticity.
  • Experience: was started in 2012 and the entire ownership and directors spent time working at the credit repair company Lexington Law before starting this company/.  You can check our review of Lexington Law to get more information about what type of credit repair knowledge they may have.
  • Types of Programs Offered: offer a standard dispute only program.  When a company only offers disputing for their credit repair you are not going to be able to full max out your credit score.  Building new positive credit is extremely important and does not offer any means to establish new credit.
  • Pricing and Value:  The program costs $89.95 a month.   This is not a very expensive program and with anything you get what you pay for.  Since they are only offering disputes for your credit repair you should expect a monthly payment around this amount.
  • Guarantee: does not mention having a money back guarantee.  We have found that if a company has strong belief in their services they will offer a very customer friendly guarantee. may have a guarantee but it is not something that they advertise.
  • Reputation/Reviews  We were unable to find any reviews of on any independent websites.  This may be due to the fact that they have only been in business for 1 year and haven't completed enough successful clients to generate any positive reviews.
  • Time of Program:  The time frame of the program is not specified on their website.  When a company does not set a time frame for their program it makes it very difficult to set goals and expectations for your credit repair.  How are you able to know if you are "on track"?
  • Website Security: does include the ability to sign up online and the website is secure
  • Compliance:  We have found no compliance issues with

If you are looking at enrolling with it is important that you do all your research.  The company has only been in business less than a year so it’s hard to judge their size and program quality.  We recommend looking into our top companies before moving forward with any company.

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Reviewed by tatiana on
I was with for about six months. There is good and bad to this company. For starters, I love the website that they have for their customers. It’s easy to navigate and shows you the status of where you are with progress, what is outstanding, and what efforts have been made to correct your credit. The customer service representatives overall were pretty nice to work with.
Items for improvement: I found it a little confusing to understand the game plan challenges, the disputes vs the challenges that would be sent, and sometimes I had a hard time understanding what my role was in the process. I think when you sign up they should send you something to explain the types of correspondence you receive and what it all means, and whether or not you would need to take action on something.
Also, it would have been helpful to know in the beginning, especially for someone like me who has never used a company to help repair my credit, that creditors would send you correspondence and you in return would need to review and send to creditrepair. I think if they could create a welcome kit or something to help you prepare for what will happen on your account it would be resourceful.
Why I left: I didn’t get a choice. I received an email from the company saying they needed to update my information to which I made a mental note to call at some point soon, and I also got one phone call with no voicemail. I went to login into my account one day and was told it was closed. When I called to see why it was closed I was told my bank information did not work and they closed my account. Now, with the whole Target scheme my bank sent me a new card, and I had not realized I used this number to sign up. I would have appreciated a more specific email or call to say ‘hey, we tried to pull the money from your account and it bounced, call us please because we don’t want to have to close your account’ but instead, I got a ‘please call so we can update your information email’ which had no sense of urgency. And to top it all off, the customer service representative that I spoke with was argumentative with me and instead of listening to my feedback when I called told me ‘well ma’am we did try to contact you so this is not our fault’…really?! I would have considered coming back had it not been for that awful call.
Also, two of my creditors kept sending me the same letter over and over, for months. When I called creditrepair they said ok we will escalate this for you. I had to get documents notarized which mind you is time consuming, and after everything was said and done I got the same letters from the creditors. When I called to ask they said it was their attempt at stalling. Okay well why I am paying you $90/month to get the same letter for almost six months?? I told one representative I would respond to one of the creditors on my own after the frustration, and she said ok and when I later called on a side issue with another representative, they told me this was not a good idea. Not on the same page…
Conclusion: Overall, wonderful website and the company did get a few items resolved from my account. It would have been nice to know some things when I first signed up to be prepared, including the fact that they cannot update your TransUnion account without seeing an updated report which you have to request.
Would I go back? Maybe but probably not.
Reviewed by James Crosby on
I just recently signed up via a service with one of the fraudster clowns who are every where on the net, so these clowns sign me up with, nearly every time I try and log in to my acct. there is some sort of problem, so I have to call these idiots to get new login info, the other night I went ballastic and cussed them out and now they have closed my acct. and that's fine, tomorrow I will call them to get a refund, if they don't refund me my money, I will sue these assholes, is nothing but a bunch of clowns

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