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Enrich Financial

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Reviewed by Tomik N on
called this business to get consultation for credit repair about 5 months ago, Phone call was answered by Lady named Mona and she said she will call me back with an appointment time and guess what she never called back.

I showed up to the business and called again and she answered told her you were supposed to call back but you didnt so I am in the building what floor are you located she said oh she is booked and she cant squeeze me in her schedule and finally got an appointment.

went in for the appointment waited about 15 minutes finally got in and she had me sign up for a credit check site which charges you 1$ and gives you access for 7 days multiple sites are available but we signed up for any how after credit check she said you have
30 inquires
2 collections
4 charge offs
and 6 late payments

inquires are at $40 each
collections $400 each
charge off i think she said $400
and late payments I think 200$ each

all in all it would be $4800 to repair your credit. I was like WHAT!!! are you crazy she even said I had to pay some about 20% of the charge off to get them cleared I told her what do you think you are doing that you are charging an arm and leg for it!!!! all you do is you dispute this stuff! charge offs after 7 years wipe off and so do inquires after 2.

Any how went home and did not go to anywhere else to bargain I put my sleeves up and went to work I cleared charge off 15 days later

collections same way I did 3 disputes per bureau at one time to not cause issues and as recommended online. in about 1 month my credit score was up 80 points!!!

I loved it so I started digging more and cleared everything besides the late payment and inquires because inquires delete automatically in 2 years so 2 years was coming up and they wiped off by them selves.

Late payments I did not have a template for it so I didnt know how to clear them but I will figure out and wipe them soon.

This was the easiest $4800 I made with less then 3 hours of work.

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