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Executive Credit Services

5850 Canoga Ave
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
(818) 222-3300

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Executive Credit Services is a small sized credit repair company in California.  The company appears to only be a few employees which is a cause for concern.  Whenever a company is very small there are always questions of whether or not the company is going to be able to stick around and how well it will be able to provide quality customer service.   What happens to your money and credit if they go out of business, take a second job, or simply go on vacation?  Who will be there to handle your program. 

  • Results:  Executive Credit Services has posted many testimonials and copies of real deletion results on their website for you to browse and gauge however there is no way for us to verify them. 

  • Experience:  The owners of Executive Credit Services do appear to have many years of experience in the credit industry which is very important when choosing someone to work on your credit.
  • Types of Programs Offered:   The Executive Credit Services website doesn’t get any specifics about the programs that they offer.  You will have to call directly for more information. 
  • Pricing and Value:  The Executive Credit Services website doesn’t mention the specific cost of any program.  You will have to call for more information.  
  • Guarantee:  The Executive Credit Services website does not mention any money back guarantee.  This does not mean that they do not have one but if they do they are not wishing to advertise and promote it.  We have found that when a company does have a lot confidence in their program they will offer and promote a very customer friendly money back guarantee.
  • Reputation/Reviews:  When searching online for indenpendent customer reviews of Executive Credit Services there are none to be found.  This can speak to the very small size of the company.  They may not have been able to handle enough clients to have built an online reputation.
  • Time of Program:  The website for Executive Credit Services does not specify any details to the timing or terms on the website.
  • Website Security:  Executive Credit Services does not have the ability to sign up through their website so web security is not an issue. 
  •  Compliance:  Without seeing their agreement it is tough to tell if they are in compliance with state and federal laws.

If you are looking at enrolling with Executive Credit Services it is important that you do all your research.  We recommend you look into our top recommended companies before moving forward with another company. 

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Reviewed by Rob P on
This company is great! They have helped me me in the past and also recently with some credit issues, they raised my scores up over 100 points and now i am qualified for the loan i needed. They are efficient and guided me through what needed to be done and when i listened, my whole life changed. Thank you Executive Credit!!!!

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