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Finiv Credit

3030 LBJ Freeway Suite 700
Dallas, TX 75234

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Finiv is a small sized credit repair company located in Dallas, Texas.

  • Results:  Finiv has plenty of testimonials and copies of deletions.  With any testimonial it is impossible to verify its authenticity.
  • Experience:  Finiv was started in 2011 and we are unable to find information on the experience of the ownership or company directors.  Generally, when a company's ownership has a strong history in the credit industry we have found that it is something they will actively promote on their website.
  • Types of Programs Offered  Finiv does not offer much information about their program.  You have to call them for any details about their process or what types of accounts they work with.
  • Pricing and Value:  Unable to determine value of their program as they do not disclose the pricing on their website.
  • Guarantee Finiv's guarantee states that if they are unable to remove any negatives within the first 90 days of the program they will refund all the fees up to that point.  This can be considered a soft guarantee as any company should be able to remove at least 1 negative within 90 days.
  • Reputation/Reviews  When doing a simple Google search for Finiv we were unable to find any independent customer reviews online.  This may be in part to the age of the company and its size.  They may not have been able to help enough successful clients to have built a positive reputation online.
  • Time of Program:  The time frame of the program is not specified on their website
  • Website Security:  Finiv does not include the ability to sign up online so website security is not an issue
  • Compliance In the state of Texas credit repair companies are required to be bonded and registered with the Secretary of State.  According to the Secretary of State website their bond has been cancelled.  This would be something that you would want to bring up with them if you are having a consultation with them.

If you are looking at enrolling with Finiv it is important that you do all your research as there appears to be compliance issues. We recommend looking into our top ranked companies before moving forward with any company.

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Reviewed by Mike Gonzalez on
I would like to thank Finiv Credit Counseling and their team of experts for helping my wife and I accomplish our dream of home ownership. We have been turned down three years in a row for a home loan and were referred to Finiv Credit but we were very skeptical since everything we read online said credit repair didn't work. Well, we told each other that we had nothing to lose but to give it a shot. We did and 5 months later we were in our home. Thank you so much Luis Valdez and the Finiv Team!!!!!!! Do not hesitate to give them a chance and you will not regret it.
Reviewed by Jose Flores on
I signed up with them and only got a few deletions. Every time I call my consultant Victor Burgos and states he will call me back and never does. Before I signed up he called me all the time and now never returns my calls. I would not recommend this company to anyone. Very small and unprofessional company.

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