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Go Clean Credit

1204 E Baseline Rd
Tempe, AZ 85283
(480) 991-4885

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Go Clean Credit is a small sized credit repair company located in Tempe, Arizona..  While they appear to be a reputable company they do not offer much information about their service on their website.   When you are choosing a company to work on something as important as your credit it is best to find a company that will give you as much information as possible so that you can make an informed decision.  We have provided this review with what information we could find.

  • Results Go Clean Credit has plenty of testimonials but no copies of deletions.  With any testimonial it is difficult to jude the authenticity. 
  • Experience:  Go Clean Credit was started in 2003 but we can find no information on the experience of the ownership or company directors.  Generally, when a company's owners have a lot of experience in the credit repair industry it is something they will promote clearly on their website.
  • Types of Programs Offered  The website for Go Clean Credit states that they have two programs:  a 6 month program and a 12 month program.  The details of each program are not specified.  You have to call them for any specific details about their program.
  • Pricing and Value:  It is impossible to judge the value of the Go Clean Credit program as their website does not disclose what its costs may be.
  • Guarantee Their guarantee states that at the end of your services term they will total up all of the deletions they completed and assign them a value of $85.  Then they will total the value of all deletions and subtract it from the total service fees paid in the program and if you have paid more in fees than have received value in deletions you will be refunded the difference
  • Reputation/Reviews:   We were unable to find any reviews of the Go Clean Credit on any independent websites.  This speaks to the size and scope of the company.   They may not be handling enough clients to get positive feedback on independent websites.
  • Time of Program:  They have a 6 month and a 12 month program
  • Website Security Go Clean Credit does not include the ability to sign up online so website security is not an issue
  • Compliance:  We have found no compliance issues with Go Clean Credit

If you are looking at enrolling with Go Clean Credit it is important that you do all your research. They do not offer much information about their service and we recommend looking into our top ranked companies before moving forward with any company.

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Reviewed by David Wolf on
I began my 'program' with this company back mid September 2013. I had already had a completely futile experience with Lexington Law firm, whom rate about a -2 stars, and i was hesitant to engage another company that promised a lot and delivered little. My appointment was with a burly gentleman named Wayne. He is what i call, in used car terms, the lot salesman. Wayne made some moderately fantastic estimations on what could be done with my current credit issues, some of which came true, some of which did not. But nonetheless i left feeling more optimistic about my near credit in essence Wayne sold the car. Despite calling twice to speak with him, that was the last time i saw or spoke to Wayne ever again. I now was dealing with Susan and her merry cohorts...lets call them the finance and service department of this used car lot. From here on Go Clean worked much the same way as Lexington. They submit dispute letters and i wait for the responses which i received very few of. I then send in these responses to Go Clean so they can review and churn out another round of dispute letters....and on and on.

It was towards the end of March that i was told i would need another complete credit report from all 3 bureaus in order to review the performance of services rendered. I returned emails to Susan asking what would happen from that point on. If it was still bad do they continue to work on them or am i dropped like a hot rock. I received half ass glib responses which in some cases did not address my concern what so ever. The emails between myself and Susan intensified just a bit because i felt for the money i had spent i was getting very little value....for you see the report i had just pulled from all 3 bureaus was less than say the least. In the case of one reporting company i had gone up a grand total of 4 points....woohoo. The other 2 were raised 20 and 45 points. Not quite the 50 to 100 points loosely promised at the conception of the 'program'. It was around this time i received a call from a gentleman named Michael McCraw whom stated he had seen my interactions with Susan and assured me they were there to insure my complete satisfaction was met and that they were not dropping me until such. A week later i got a 'program' review call from Susan. She informed me that the reason my credit was not increasing was due to not having taken out secured/unsecured credit cards as outlined in the information Wayne sent me....information i did not receive and, if i had of, i would have acted on immediately. A few days after that i received a program completion (dont let the door hit you in the ass) email along with another email from Go Clean giving me a web site to go to in order to apply for a small balance unsecured credit card through a company im thinking they have used and refered in the past. The performance from Go Clean was so poor that even this company shot me down.

That is about my experience in a nutshell. I am 0 for 2 with credit repair agencies and there will not be a 3rd. I have done enough research to know how to do what it is they do without jilting me for over $1,000...yes you are reading that right. Their web-site touts that they believe in the (not one size fits all) philosophy...yet that is exactly what they do. I work for a very large firm and i had over a dozen people waiting to see what transpired from this 'program' in order to evaluate their utilizing the service. Suffice it to say that will not be happening. Word of mouth being the most effective advertising...i neatly carved a small group of folks from enduring the monetary loss and substandard level of service i withstood.

Im not sending out this review as a disgruntled customer. Nobody forced me at gun point to sign the contract. And they did indeed remove a few items from my credit. But in the long run i felt they did not quite live up to the virtues they exclaimed in the conception so i send this out for informational purposes only. There are other much cheaper resources available to you in order to clean blemishes off of your credit. Some of which will cost you less then $40 dollars total and will have equal to better results than i had with Go Clean. This is information i wish i had $1,000 ago. PT Barnum once said...there is one born every minute....this should be part of Go Cleans credo. But you be the judge. And best of luck.

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