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Heritage Credit Group

1303 E Grand Ave #101
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420
(888) 633-5203

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Heritage Credit Group is a small sized credit repair company in California. While they appear to be an upstanding company that does offer genuine credit repair services they are part of a group of companies where one of which has been charged with fraud in the past. 

  • Results Heritage Credit Group has posted a few testimonials but no copies of real deletion results on their website for you to browse and gauge however there is no way for us to verify them.  

  • Experience:  The experience of Heritage Credit Group is hard to determine.  They are part of the Heritage Financial Group that has been in business for over 20 years and company states that they have more than 25 years worth of credit experience.  However, we cannot find any information on the individual experience of the directors of Heritage Credit Group.
  • Types of Programs Offered  The Heritage Credit Group doesn’t get any specifics about the programs that they offer.  You will have to call directly for more information. 
  • Pricing and Value:  The Heritage Credit Group website doesn’t mention the specific cost of any program.  You will have to call for more information. Without knowing what they charge for their services it is impossible for us to determine what value you may be receiving 
  • Guarantee:  The website for Heritage Credit Group does not have any mention of the company having a money back guarantee.  They may indeed have one but if they do they are not promoting it.  We have found that when a company does have plenty of confidence in their program they will offer a very strong customer friendly guarantee.
  • Reputation/Reviews Heritage Credit Group has various complaints on independent websites around the internet that can be found with a simple Google Search. This is obviously a concern with a small company to have this complaints of this magnitude.  
  • Time of Program The website for Heritage Credit Group does not specify any details to the timing or terms on the website. You have to call them for that information.
  • Website Security:  Heritage Credit Group does not have the ability to sign up through their website so web security is not an issue. 
  •  Compliance:  Without seeing their agreement it is tough to tell if they are in compliance with state and federal laws. 

If you are looking at enrolling with Heritage Credit Group it is important that you do all your research.  We recommend you look into our top recommended companies before moving forward with another company. 

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