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Impeccable Credit Services

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Impeccable Credit Services is a small sized credit repair company located in The Woodlands, Texas.  They have a very basic website that does not offer much information on their program.  Also, we have found some potential compliance issues with the company.  Your credit and money are very important and it’s best to have a company work for you that has a great reputation and offers plenty of information up front.   That way you can make a well informed decision.   If you are looking at Impeccable Credit Services please read our full review below.

  • Results:  Impeccable Credit Services has plenty of testimonials and copies of deletions.  With any testimonial is impossible to judge its authenticity.
  • Experience:  We are unable to find start date of the business or any information on the experience of the ownership.  Generally, when a company’s ownership or directors has a strong history in the credit industry it will be something that they actively promote on their website.
  • Types of Programs Offered Impeccable Credit Services offers a standard dispute only program.   When you are looking to improve your credit score know that it involves much more than just disputing and removing negative accounts from your credit reports.
  • Pricing and Value:  Impeccable Credit Services charges $99 a month for their program.  With no independent reviews of the company online it is impossible to determine the value of their program when compared to price.
  • Guarantee The Impeccable Credit Services guarantee states that if they are unable to improve your credit profile they will refund 100% of your service fees back.  Terms and Conditions are not specified.  When a company has a strong consumer friendly guarantee they will generally advertize it clearly on their website with all the terms and conditions.
  • Reputation/Reviews  When doing a Google search for Impeccable Credit Services we have been unable to find any independent consumer reviews of the company online.  This can speak to the size and scope of the company.  When a company has handled many successful clients you should expect to find some positive reviews online.
  • Time of Program:  The time frame of the program is not specified on their website
  • Website Security:  Impeccable Credit Services does not include the ability to sign up online so website security is not an issue
  • Compliance:  There appears to be a compliance issue with Impeccable Credit Services, being that they are located in Texas they are required to be bonded and registered with the Texas Secretary of State.   We can find no record of them or their bond on the Texas Secretary of State website.  If you have a consultation with them this would be something you would want to bring up and see if they are indeed bonded and registered.

If you are looking at enrolling with Impeccable Credit Services it is important that you do all your research as there appears to be a compliance issue.  We recommend looking into our top companies before moving forward.

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