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Legacy Legal

695 North 400 East
Lehi, UT 84043

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Legacy Credit Services and Consulting is a medium sized credit repair company located in Utah and Arizona.  According to their website they have two offices one in Lehi, Utah and one in Gilbert, Arizona.  The offices are also shared with another credit repair company, The Credit Law Firm.  The two companies share ownership.  The CEO and President of Legacy Legal is the COO of The Credit Law Firm. This leads one to wonder why the same ownership has two different credit repair companies operating out of the same offices.  The two companies offer two completely different pricing plans for their programs as well.  If you are consulting with them this is a question that should be addressed. 

  • Results Legacy Legal posts many testimonials and copies of actual deletions on their website.   These deletions and testimonials are impossible to be verified, however. 
  • Experience:  The experience of Legacy Law is hard to determine.  The company was started in 2002 and the sister company The Credit Law firm was started in 2004.  The company states that they are partnered with John Buckley an attorney who has 21 years of experience dealing with credit repair.  They do make note that while they are partnered with an attorney they are not a law firm and it hard to determine what if any extra value you get by them having John Buckley as a partner.
  • Types of Programs Offered  Legacy Legal offers two service program:  a Standard program and a Fast Track program.   The standard program is their bare bones program that offers just credit bureau disputes, credit report analysis, customer support and online access.   The Fast Track Program, however, is the more full service program.  It includes everything the Standard program has but also includes credit education, identity theft repair, recommendation letters, goodwill letters, creditor direct letters, debt validation, dispute inquiries, and dispute of personal information.
  • Pricing and Value:  The Standard program has a $99.95 initial fee followed by $39.95 a month.  The Fast Track program has a $99.95 initial fee followed by $59.95 a month.  While more expensive you do get much more value for the Fast Track program and should have a much better chance of improving your credit score.  When a program only offers general disputes as the Standard program does, you run the risk of sending too many disputes to the credit bureaus and having your account flagged as frivolous.
  • Guarantee:  Legacy Law has a one year warranty.   Their website states that if after 12 months of service you can be entitled for a full or partial refund if the company cannot demonstrate progress on your case or that they have failed to provide the agreed upon services as outlined in their service agreement.  To qualify for a full or partial refund you must have made all your payments on time for the 12 months, you have provided a copy of your credit reports within 30 days of enrolling,  and you have provided a copy of the new credit reports at the end the 12 months.   The details for what gets you’re a full vs partial refund are not mentioned on their site.
  • Reputation/Reviews For a company that has been in business as long as Legacy Law it is surprising that there are not more independent consumer reviews online.  This can be a concern that even though there aren’t a lot of negative complaints online they aren’t making enough of a positive difference in people credit profiles for their customers to give recommendations.
  • Time of Program:  While you can cancel at any time the minimum commitment to qualify for any refund for their program is 12 months
  • Website Security:  Legacy legal does not include the ability to sign up online and the website does have a valid security certificate.
  • Compliance:  It appears Legacy Legal is compliant with all federal and state credit repair laws.  The only issue we can find is the other credit repair company that is operating out of the same address with the same ownership.  Again this is something that you may want to bring up if you are having a consultation with them.

If you are looking at enrolling with Legacy Legal it is important that you do all your research, especially since there is another credit repair company operating out of their offices. We recommend that you look into our top ranked companies before moving forward with another company.

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Reviewed by Joshua Rollins on
I have only been with them 6 months, maybe 7 but, long story made short, Legacy did an incredible job for me. They helped raise my credit scores from the low 600's to 769. This has helped me to refinance my home and get the best rates available. Thank you!
Reviewed by Jilaine C. on
Amazing customer services and help overall. I really didn't know I could have as much removed as they were able to do for my credit reports, they were able to removed things that were from the last year and stuff that was old and shouldn't have been on my credit anymore. I have an will continue to refer friends and family to them. I love the lifetime membership they have to, I really hope I don't need their help again but if I ever do I know they will help me. Thank you! :)
Reviewed by Rowdy C on
They did a great job! I was able to refi my car and get into the house I've been wanting. I really didn't think it was possible to get my credit back up, but they did it and taught me how to play the game to keep it there. THANK YOU so much Legacy!!!

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