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Lexington Law

360 N. Cutler Drive
North Salt Lake, UT 84054

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Lexington Law is a credit repair company in North Salt Lake, Utah. They are one of the top credit repair firms in the country.  They are staffed with attorneys and paralegals that have plenty of credit and finanicial experience.  They also have a very informative website that is complete with plenty of credit education.

  • Results: The Lexington Law website offers plenty of testimonials and actual copies of real deletions for you review and guage. This is a plus for the company as you can actually see the qualify of results they are able to achieve for each credit bureau.

  • Experience:  Lexington Law has been in business since 1993 and the company is staffed by attorneys and paralegals.  Their employees have years of credit, mortgage, and financial experience.  This is a plus for the company as they should have an understanding of the ever changing credit repair laws.
  • Types of Programs Offered  Lexington Law offers a standard dispute program where they work to remove inaccuracies and unverfiable information from your credit reports.  They do this by ensuring that the credit bureaus are adhering to the rules of Fair Credit Reporting Act.
  • Pricing and Value:  Lexington Law offers two pricing plans for their services.  They have a Concord Standard program which has an initial fee of $99 followed by monthly payments of $79.  They also have the Concord Premier program which has an initial fee of $99 followed by monthly payment of $99.
  • Guarantee The Lexington Law website does not specify if they have a money back guarantee you will have to call them to if they indeed do and what the terms are.
  • Reputation/Reviews:  When searching for Lexington Law online the reviews we have found have been mixed to say the least.  This may attributed to their very large size and years of being in business.  With a simple Google search of the company you should be able to find plenty of reviews to judge for yourself.
  • Time of Program The Lexington Law website does not specify the time frame of their credit repair services.
  • Website Security:  Lexington Law does not have the ability to sign up through their website so web security is not an issue. 
  •  Compliance:  Without being able to see their service agreement we are unable to judge whether or not they are compliant with all state and federal laws.

If you are looking to repair your credit then Lexington Law may be right for you.  You can visit their website by clicking the link above the review or you can call them directly for a free consultation.

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