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Pay After Deletion Credit Repair


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Pay After Deletion is a small sized credit repair company located in St Petersburg, Florida.  According to their website the business the owner is the sole employee and runs the company out of his house.  They do not have a toll free number and may only handle clients in Florida.   When a company is this small it is always a cause concern; what happens if they run out of money, get another job, or just go on vacation?  Who will be there to handle your case?   When you are looking for a company to handle something as important as your credit and money you want to make sure they are stable and that you are going be able to get in contact with them on a regular basis.

  • Results Pay After Deletion has posted a few testimonials but not copies of real results on their website for you to view.  With any testimonial it is hard to verify the authenticity of them and with no consumer reviews for them online it is hard for us to judge the quality of their results.
  • Experience:  The experience of Pay After Deletion is hard to determine.  We have been unable to find any registered start date for the business.  Their website states that the owner and sole employee has 15 years of experience in the credit and lending industry. 
  • Types of Programs Offered:   Pay After Deletion has program where after an initial sign up cost they will being working on your disputes and after every 45 days they will evaluate what has been deleted and then you will be charged again per each deleted item.
  • Pricing and Value:  Pay After Deletion has an initial cost of $99 then each deletion will have its own cost.   Late payments, medical bills, collections charge offs, repossessions, and foreclosures cost $25 per item.  Bankruptcies and Judgments cost $100 per item.   Tax Liens cost $200 per item.   Technical Data (personal information corrections) cost $20 per item.
  • Guarantee Pay for Deletions has a guarantee.  If they are not able to get at least $100 in deletions within 6 months of service they will refund you $200 or double the initial fee.  If at the end 9 months they are not able obtain a 75% deletion rate on your accounts they will refund $99 or the cost of the set up fee.
  • Reputation/Reviews:  We are unable to find any independent consumer reviews on Pay After Deletion.   This speaks to the size and scope of a company.   When a company is actively handling a large client base you should be able to find something in way of reviews on a company whether it is positive or negative.  When there are no reviews to be found on a company it generally means they are not handling enough clients to have a real presence.
  • Time of Program:  To qualify for their guarantees you must remain a client for 6-9 months.
  • Website Security Pay After Deletion does include the ability to sign up online and the website does have a security certificate but they do not allow you to view their contract before asking for personal information; such as your social security number.  This is always a concern as should always be allowed to read the fine print before giving away such important information.
  • Compliance We have not been able to find any compliance issues for Pay After Deletion.

If you are looking at enrolling with Pay After Deletion it is important that you do all your research.  Not having a physical office and just having a local Florida phone number speaks volumes to the size and scope of the company. We recommend that you look into our top ranked companies before moving forward with another company.

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Reviewed by Kevin on
Full of sh*t. Had them for 6 months and they didn't delete not 1 item. Good thing is they did pay me their guarantee, which was they refunded me my $100 and another $100. Basically wasted 6 months of my time.

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