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PDQ Credit Restoration and Repair, LLC

The Colony, TX

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PDQ Credit Restoration and Repair is a small sized credit repair company located in The Colony, Texas.  We have found several causes for concern with this company, the main being that they do not post their address on their website.   We were able to do some research and find their business address and it is a residential home and not an office.   When a company is operating out of a home it generally means that the company is very small with usually 1-2 employees.   When a company is this small there is always about their customer services, cash flow, or security.  What happens to your credit if they run out of money, take a new job, or just go on vacation?   Who will be there to handle your account?   Also, when a company is operating out of a house it makes you wonder just how secure your personal information is, and what steps are they taking to store and file your information properly.  With something as important as your credit and money you want to make sure that you will receive the best results from a company that you can trust.

  • Results:  PDQ Credit Restoration and Repair has posted a few testimonials but not copies of real results on their website for you to view.  With any testimonial it is hard to verify the authenticity of them and with no consumer reviews for them online it is hard for us to judge the quality of their results.
  • Experience The experience of PDQ Credit Restoration and Repair is hard to determine.  We have been unable to find any registered start date for the business or any information on the experience of the company directors.  Generally speaking if a company has a lot of experience in the credit repair industry or even in the lending industry they will promote that.  With Legacy Credit Services and Consulting they do not provide any information in regards to their background in the industry.
  • Types of Programs Offered:   The website for PDQ Credit Restoration and Repair offers very little information on the details or specifics of their credit repair program.   To get any information in regards to what types of negatives they work with, the time frame of their program, or the cost for their program you will have to call them directly.
  • Pricing and Value:  PDQ Credit Restoration and Repair costs each client $100 month.  When judging a program’s value you will need to weigh the experience, size, and program price of the company.
  • Guarantee:  The website for PDQ Credit Restoration and Repair does not disclose what if any money back guarantee they may have.  When a company has strong belief in the services they provide they will generally offer and promote a very customer friendly money back guarantee.  If a company does not promote any service money back guarantee it can be a cause for concern.   PDQ Credit Restoration and Repair may indeed have one but it is not something that they advertise.
  • Reputation/Reviews:  We are unable to find any independent consumer reviews on PDQ Credit Restoration and Repair.   This speaks to the size and scope of a company.   When a company is actively handling a large client base you should be able to find something in way of reviews on a company whether it is positive or negative.  When there are no reviews to be found on a company it generally means they are not handling enough clients to have a real presence.
  • Time of Program:  The PDQ Credit Restoration and Repair does not specify the time frame of their credit repair program.  You will need to call them for any program specifics.
  • Website Security:  PDQ Credit Restoration and Repair does not include the ability to sign up online so website security is not an issue
  • Compliance:  It appears that PDQ Credit Restoration may have some compliance issues.  When you are a credit repair company located in Texas your required to be bonded and to be registered with the office of the Secretary of the State of Texas.  We can find not record of them being bonded or registered.  If they are indeed not bonded or registered it can be a major red flag that they either do not know the laws and regulations of the industry or may just be disregarding them.  If you do speak with them for a consultation this is something that you will want to bring up and see if they can provide you any documentation of being bonded and registered.

If you are looking at enrolling with PDQ Credit Restoration and Repair it is important that you do all your research.  Not having a physical office speaks volumes to the size and scope of the company. We recommend that you look into our top ranked companies before moving forward with another company.

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Reviewed by Eric Fowler on
The owner of the company is a cool guy, having said that. He was working on my credit because the guy he was in business with was a crook. paul lowder of Mckinney TX.

We had a meeting with the 2 guys and the now owner of PDQ, told me he sat in that meeting knowing Paul was about to rip us off.

That is when he offered to do my credit repair.

I can think of the guys name, but I do know he stopped working for paul shortlly after. I have yet to fine paul. I know his wife's name megan lowder. I am just being patinent I will run upon him sooner or later and when I do..........

Lawd Have Mercy...... just watch the news it will make that

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