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US Consumer Credit Restoration Association

968 Quiet Bay Circle
Cicero, IN 46034

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US Consumer Credit Restoration Association is a credit repair company located in Cicero, Indiana. 

  • Results:  US Consumer Credit Restoration Association has posted a few testimonials and copies of real results on their website for you to view.  With any testimonial it is hard to verify the authenticity
  • Experience US Consumer Credit Restoration was founded in 2008 but we can find no information on the experience of the ownership or company directors.  When you are choosing a company to work on something as important as your credit you need a company that has plenty of experience as the credit repairs laws can be complex.
  • Types of Programs Offered They offer two programs, a Gold and Platinum.  Each plan includes disputes, free legal advice, credit and debt settlement consultation, free drug discount card, financing for a computer.  The Platinum plan as includes 5 direct to credit letters.
  • Pricing and Value:  The Gold plan has an intial cost of $195 followed by 6-9 months of payments at $97.  The Platinum plan has an initial cost of $195 followed by 6-9 month of payments at $137.  With no independent reviews of the company online it is impossible to judge the value of their services.
  • Guarantee:  The US Consumer Credit Restoration Association states that if they are unable to remove any accounts during the fir 90 days of the program they will refund all the fees paid to that point back to you.  
  • Reputation/Reviews:  When searching Google for US Consumer Credit Restoration Association we have been unable to find any reviews.  This speaks to the size and scope of the company.  They appear to be very small and may not have handled enough clients to have built a reputation online. 
  • Time of Program:  Each plan is a minum 6 months and a max of 9 months.
  • Website Security:  US Consumer Credit Restoration Association does not include the ability to sign up online so website security is not an issue
  • Compliance:  We have found no compliance issues with US Consumer Credit Restoration Association

If you are looking at enrolling with US Consumer Credit Restoration Association is important that you do all your research.  We recommend that you look into our top ranked companies before moving forward with another company.

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